In 2004, our CEO Marcel Oosterhof created CardExchange Solutions Inc. after meeting with an oil plant that had issues managing their employee and contractor badges. It was taking them too long, was too complicated and was creating unnecessary costs to the company. With this issue, came Marcel’s solution: CardExchange® v1.0 which was able to make the production of employee badges a lot easier to manage.


Fast-forward a couple of years and here we are presenting you with Marcel’s vision of a SaaS World. CardExchange® Cloud Suite is an affordable, user-friendly, flexible and secure cloud-based card management solution. It is a complete system for everything needed when credentials are involved. The Suite is comprised of 5 different solutions:


The Controller for all your ID Management needs

The Stand, a self-service portal for your users

The Guest to manage all your visitors

The Planner for all your events

The Press to print credentials for all of these systems


We, at CardExchange Solutions Inc., fully believe that the SaaS model is the way forward and the easiest solution for anyone’s needs.

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